Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Episode 52 - Tweetup Trail Run

Podcast Show Notes:

Met up on Memorial Day morning with Mark (@bamarunner) Samantha (@SamanthaUF) Javi (@aReyoUiN) and Tim (@virtual4now) for a tweetup trail run at Stone Mountain. Good run on the trail, hope you can hear some of it. It was a challenge to record five people running trails. I recorded a while during the run and then after the run as we were standing around talking. I hope you enjoy our tweetup.

Tim (@virtual4now) has a great blog post on his blog check to out at  http://blog.262quest.com

My intro and outro music is from DigitalJuice, the intro is "ChasingTheSun" and the outro is "ComingDown".


This podcast was recorded using a 32G iPod Touch with a Giant Squid podcasting microphone.

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Tim Wilson said...

Thanks for the mention of my blog! It was a pleasure running with you. Have downloaded the episode and look forward to listening to it.