Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What a Difference a Day Makes

ORN: 5 miles, 55:04

I can't believe how nice the weather is today. The temperature is in the high 60's or low 70's and there doesn't seem to be any humidity. Yesterday was in the 90's and very humid.

I ran 5 miles at a faster pace at a lower heart rate today than I did yesterday. Not much faster, but 5 beats lower on my heart rate monitor. I had the high threshold on my heart rate monitor set at 140 bpm, so when I went over 140 I would walk until my heart rate dropped down to 130, then I would start running again. 

My heart rate average for the whole run was 132 bpm. 

When the weather is like this it makes me want to run more. We will see how I feel tomorrow.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Run Around the Mountain

I headed out to Stone Mountain this morning to get in 5 miles before it got to hot outside. By the time I finished my run it was hot anyway. I guess it was about 90 degrees when I finished.

I had a pretty good run, it was the first 5 miler I have done in a while. I was thinking as I ran around the mountain at a slow pace, that once upon a time I did 5 mile runs around this mountain in 37:30. Those days are long gone, now anything around 50:00 is good. 

I took photos at various spots along the run today so I will ad them to this Blog entry.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Catching Up Again

Well, here we are again, behind on this Blog. I have run 39.3 miles since last I wrote. Mostly at Stone Mountain Park and Mountain Park. I did get one run in on the trail that runs along the edge of Gunterville Lake in Alabama. 

I have also ridden my bike 18.4 miles. Today is the start of the "Bicycle Ride Across Georgia" and since I can't go on the ride this year I thought that I would ride my bike each day this coming week as my own ride. Have to get in shape for watching the "Tour de France" on OLN TV. 

I think that I will try to go to Stone Mountain tomorrow morning early and run 5 miles, then later on in the day ride my bike.

That's all for now.