Friday, February 26, 2010

Running at Yellow River Park

Have been doing some running at Yellow River Park. Previously I had mountain biked there in the mid 1990's, but hadn't been back since. The park has really changed since that time. The county has built two separate facilities, one for the runners/walkers and one for the mountain bikers. I guess it is really three facilities because there is an area for the people that bring horses to the park also. Good place to do some trail running.

The park also has a paved one mile loop and this week I did my interval workout on it. Had my Garmin set for 1/4 mile intervals and just ran until it beeped recovered and did it again. Got in a little over eight miles with the warm up, 18 X 1/4 mile and then the cool down.

Has been nice to be able to add one more spot to my list of workout locations. I think I have found another location that I am going to check out this coming week and if it is a good spot to run I will give an update on it next week.

Just got sidelined for a couple of days due to some dental surgery that I had this afternoon. Not feeling so good right now.

Just Keep Moving!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LostTrailRunner Episode 45 is on iTunes and


Semi-long run on a cold and windy day. Forgot to charge the battery in my Garmin 305, so ended up using my Timex Ironman watch for the run.

SD card malfunction in my voice recorder, good luck on making sense out of what I am talking about. Finally get back on track somewhat.

Song: "Avoidance Maneuver" by  Aardvark

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"Run the Reagan" 10K race report.

Went to Yellow River Park to check out the trails.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Podcast Episode 44 is now in iTunes

Podcast 44 Shownotes:

Jackal sends me an audio message.

Record during the walk recovery on my "RR" run at the mountain.

Got selected for "BrooksID" program. 

Song: "Running to New Orleans" by Byther Smith.

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More recording on my "RR" run.

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