Friday, May 09, 2008

Good Runs

This week I decided that if I was going to continue to run, even with a sore back, I might as well try to add a little speed.  I loaded a Carmichael Training Systems training MP3 into my iPod Nano and went to it.  The workout was a Fartlek workout with Dean Karnazes.  It consisted of a 15 minute warm up, then 8 X 3 minutes fast with 3 minute recoveries in between.  Then once 8 repeats were completed there was a 15 minute cool down.  This workout was just what I needed,  With this workout I could run my 6 mile runs that I have been doing and have a goal at the same time.  I ran this workout Monday and Wednesday and averaged between 11 and 12 minute pace for the overall workout, which wasn't bad considering all of the easy and recovery running/walking.  I plan on a trail run for my third run of the week.

I am completely happy with Polar, I had sent my Polar S625X back to Polar due to it not being waterproof after they had replaced the battery.  They sent me a new S625X to replace mine at no charge.  I couldn't believe it, I was  not expecting them to replace it.  What a great outcome.

I also received my new Nike+ Sportband from Roadrunner Sports and it worked great also.  When I took it out for a run, without calibrating it, it was only .2 of a mile off.  I have calibrated it for walking, next I have to calibrate it for running.  I also have an iPod Nano with Nike+ and since I calibrated it for both running and walking it is right on with the distance on my GPS when I use both.

I went to physical therapy on Wednesday and I had a Back Doctor appointment today.  The Doctor said to continue to do what I am doing as long as it doesn't make my back worse.  So, I will continue to stretch, ice and run.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Notes from the Last Week, etc.

I had a pretty good week, except for the sore lower back. Had a physical therapy session Monday and Friday. The Therapist does a really good job and my back always feels better when she finishes, but it doesn't take long for it to start hurting again.

I ran on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with no cross training this week, I did walk on Sunday, but I don't really count that as cross training.

Ran 2 good 6 milers at Stone Mountain on the road, then I did a 6.2 mile trail run.

I sent my defective Nike+ Sportband back to Nike for a refund, and ordered a new one from Road Runner Sports for $11.00 less. I should be receiving the new Nike+ Sportband on Wednesday, the 7th. We'll see if it works better than the original one I bought.

I also have a Polar S625X that needed a battery replacement. So believing the Polar Propaganda I sent it to them to get the battery replaced knowing that they test to make sure that the watch is water proof after they change the battery. Well, of course when I got the watch back with the new battery and went to the pool to swim, guess what, my watch filled up with water. I sent Polar an e-mail and asked them what now and they said to send the S625X to their headquarters in New York for repair or replacement. I sent it to them but I haven't heard back from them yet. If they repair or replace it at no charge I will be happy. If they try to charge me for something that they advertise as the reason the watch should have been sent to them to have the battery replaced, I will be very unhappy.

I'll let you know the results of the Polar S625X repair/replacement story in the future.