Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trail at Lake Guntersville, AL

Friday, November 27, 2009

Giant Fishing Lure

Found this giant fishing lure on the side of the running trail at Lake Guntersville today.  Guntersville is in AL in case you were wondering.  Imagine how big the fish are you catch with this size lure.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stomach is Better, Running Well

Last week I was feeling good off and on by Monday. Does that make sense? What was happening, I don't know. I would feel fine then my stomach would just start hurting again.

I was able to get my workouts in as scheduled though and by Wednesday I was feeling fine again.

The short version of my last week of training follows:
  • Monday - Time Trial day (RR workout from Galloway's schedule) 4.41 mile total
  • Tuesday - Walk of 2 miles
  • Wednesday - Interval day, 8X1/4 mile @ 8:50 pace, total of 4.5 miles
  • Thursday - Walk of 2 miles
  • Friday - Long run of 8 miles
So, I have stayed on my training schedule so far and am feeling good again. I have just started week 3 of my training plan and everything is fine. (have to cross my fingers)
The weather has turned cooler and is not as good as last week, but still good for running and walking. Thanksgiving is coming up this Thursday, I plan on having a good crosstraining session that day, probably a walk.

Oh, and I plan not to over eat on Thanksgiving.

Just Keep Moving!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Training, Bad Stomach

Last week was an excellent week of training, best I have had for some time. I should have known that it couldn't last. Saturday my stomach started hurting and Saturday night I got sick. I shouldn't have snacked in the afternoon while watching football. I think all of the junk that I ate, that I am not use to, hit my stomach wrong. I won't do that again for quite awhile. 

I seem to have recovered mostly, my stomach hurts every once in a while but not all of the time. I was able to run just fine yesterday, but when I finished it started hurting again. I really don't know what the deal is, I am thinking I might have pulled a stomach muscle when I got sick Saturday night.

Well, the good thing is I have been able to continue training. Hope I have as good a training week this week as I did last.

Just Keep Moving!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Show Notes for LostTrailRunner Podcast Episode 38

You can find podcast here:  odeo
You can find it here:  iTunes

Recap of my 1st week back to training. An "MM" run, an interval workout and a long run make up the backbone of the exercise week.

My take on Galloway's Magic Mile (MM) workout. This workout consists of a long warm up, a fast mile, then a long cooldown. The fast mile can be used to predict your 5k or 10k race pace. I'll explain, hope it makes sense.

Then I have another rambling conversation with my friend Joe as we take an easy walk at Mountain Park Park. During my conversation with Joe I mentioned Galloway's "Miracle Mile", I should have said "Magic Mile". We were walking because Joe had a 15k trail race the next day, so this was a rest day.

The intro music is: "Lumping Together" from my Stack Traxx #35, European Reflections from Digital Juice. 

The outro music is: "Flying Away" from my Stack Traxx #40, Alternative Stacks from Digital Juice.

The Podcast is recorded using a Giant Squid Podcasting Mic and a Zoom H2 Handy Recorder.

Friday, November 06, 2009

LostTrailRunner Podcast Episode 37 on iTunes

Episode 37 Show Notes:

Come with my friend Joe (@frothyfroth on twitter) and myself as we walk and run at Bethesda Park on a fine autumn day outside of Lilburn, GA. We discuss nothing in particular as well as some of the races we have done in the past. I hope you enjoy it.

Just Keep Moving!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

ING Again

Went to the Track Club 5 mile race and promptly pulled my right calf in the first mile. I hurt bad enough to dropout in order to not really injure it worse. Real help to my running funk.

I decided in order to make some progress on getting out of my running funk I was going to have to give myself a goal. After I pulled my calf muscle running, that pretty much topped off my frustration, so I came home and went on-line and registered for the ING Atlanta 1/2 Marathon.  Now I have a goal, so I have to determine what training program I am going to use to get in shape to have a respectable 1/2 marathon next March. I have many options to choose from, but I am leaning toward a hybrid of the Galloway and the Furman First training plans. The first thing though is to recover from the pulled calf.

Just Keep Moving!